Recurring Yeast Infections

Recurring yeast infections are now a problem for five percent of women worldwide. If you have more than four Candida infections in a year then you are classed as suffering from recurrent infections. The worst thing about this statistic is, these women are suffering from these infection because of the treatment they are using. All it is doing is treating the symptoms, and it does not in any way treat the cause of their problem.
An example of how some of these infections start is quite common. A lot of women will go to their local drug store and purchase an anti fungal cream at the first sign of vaginal irritation. They just assume that they already have a yeast infection, and then they are going to cure easily with a cream. These creams are only intended for fungal infections, and you can only be sure you’re suffering from one when you go and see your doctor.
Too many women just think these creams will cure any vaginal irritation, and that is not the case. If you’re not suffering from a yeast infection and you use an anti fungal cream on your vagina then you can create an infection. If you was already suffering from something else then you will end up with two infections.
The first infection you had will have gone untreated, and the anti fungal cream forces the Candida in your vagina to mutate into fungus. That’s when your yeast infection starts. Your problems will be worse if you need antibiotics to cure your original infection because they make fungal infection worse.
If you ever think you’re suffering from any type of vaginal infection then you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. You can’t start using any type of drug on your infection until you are completely sure ¬†what you’re suffering from.
Anti fungal creams will alleviate the symptoms of other vaginal infections, and this is what makes some women believe they are suffering from a yeast infection when they use them. Then when their symptoms get worse once their treatment has stopped they just think their infection has come back. We now know that in some cases a Candida infection has indeed come back, but it has come back on top of something else.
Another problem with over the counter fungal infection treatment sis they only treat the symptoms of an infection. You have Candida yeast mutating into fungus in your vagina, and possibly your intestines. Once the cream has killed the fungus the Candida can just mutate into more fungus once the treatment stops. This is why a lot of women keep suffering from back to back infections. The cream is not preventing the fungus from forming in the first place. If any yeast infection cure can’t do that, then it isn’t a cure. All it is doing is treating the symptoms.
If you want to stop your recurring yeast infections then you must treat your infection from the root cause. You must stop the fungus forming in your body, and you need to do this by strengthening your body’s natural defenses. Your body is more than capable of protecting you from fungus. It’s done that job for you all your life. All that has happened at the moment is your body has had it’s natural defenses weakened, and you just need to strengthen them again. Once you do that your body will be free of your infections.